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How we make our soap

Real soap is made by combining fat/oil with alkali (sodium hydroxide). As the molecules of each join together, a chemical reaction called saponification occurs, creating an entirely new substance….soap! Most commercial soap sold today is not in fact real soap, but is actually made using harsh detergents, synthetic colours and fragrances, foaming agents, and chemical preservatives. These harsh products do clean the skin, but they also strip it of its natural moisture, leaving skin feeling dry, tight, and itchy.

All of our soap is handmade from scratch using 100% natural ingredients. They contain therapeutic-grade essential oils and nutrient-rich vegetable oils/butters that don’t strip the skin of its natural moisture, but rather help to heal, soften, and protect it. Because our soap is all natural and vegetable based, it is also biodegradable and friendly to the environment.

To make a batch of natural soap, a solution of purified water and sodium hydroxide is combined with heated oils in a large pot. The mixture is then blended until it starts to thicken. At that point any other ingredients (essential oils, herbs, spices) can be stirred into the mixture. Once it reaches the consistency of thick pudding, it is ready to pour into lined moulds, allowed to harden overnight, then cut into bars and placed on curing racks. The bars are left to naturally air cure for at least four weeks before they are ready to use. Curing is necessary for two reasons: 1) to allow all of the sodium hydroxide to completely react out of the soap, and 2) to allow water to evaporate, which hardens the bar and makes it last longer. When the bars have finally cured they are carefully hand-trimmed, hand-wrapped, and hand-labelled.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a quality natural soap but the results are definitely worth it. Try a bar and see for yourself!

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